Thursday, October 27, 2011

Failure to appear warrant in Chilton County Traffic Court? Call us today. We will work with you and the court to resolve the warrant, FTA, and suspended license issues.

Many times people (especially those from out of state) have the misconception that if they get a traffic ticket in any court in the State of Alabama including Chilton County, Alabama Traffic Court that they can simply not pay the ticket and ignore it and it will go away. This cannot be farther from reality or the truth.

When you are charged with a Chilton County , AL traffic offense and fail to appear in court, you will likely have your driver’s license suspended whether the license was issued in Alabama or your home state. If you have an outstanding traffic ticket in Chilton County, Alabama State Traffic Court and a charge of failure to appear or a warrant outstanding, call us today. We will work with you, the prosecutor and the Court to restore your driving privileges, have any suspension notices lifted and to resolve your case that is pending in Chilton County State Traffic Court. Don’t wait! Call us today.

​You can also visit our web site at or Call us toll-free at 855-BAMA-TICKET (226-2842). We want to help you with your Chilton County Traffic Violation and FTA Warrant and are ready and willing and able to do so.

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